The goal of classical self-education is this: not merely to “stuff” facts into your head, but to understand them. Incorporate them into your mental framework. Reflect on their meaning for the internal life.

Susan Wise Bauer - The Well Trained Mind

Hi, I'm Sharon McKeeman

Founder of Let Them Learn

This is Our Story


During the school closures and mandates parents realized they couldn't rely on publicly funded education to serve their children. Now concerns over extreme ideology in curriculum and lack of respect for parental rights are an additional driving force as many families seek alternative education opportunities. 

Let Them Breathe is a 501c3 that has founded this Let Them Learn initiative to equip families to build a better way. Our founder Sharon McKeeman has over a decade of experience in alternative education as well as a degree in education and experience in public and private education, and we have a caring, vibrant community of families and educators.

Our focus is on accessible classical education (excellence without stress) with a Charlotte Mason philosophy. Not sure what those are? Don't worry, our parent workshops will open a realm of the best educational practices. We focus on literature based, hands-on, exploratory learning that emphasizes core disciplines.

You can join our community at our in-person Carlsbad learning center nestled in the village with green space a few blocks from the beach OR online with resources that empower instead of isolate.

Your students need options, and we need your families to help us build a better way together before it's too late!

Carlsbad Learning Center - Moving in early August 2022 

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In-Person Hybrid Program

Two days in-person instruction at our Carlsbad flagship learning center and three days at-home curriculum 


Online Resources

Our weekly curriculum scope and sequence and electives will be available for families to participate in online.


Tutoring & Counseling

Our tutors and academic counselor support public, private and homeschool parents in-person and online.



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